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Welcome to the (unofficial) BSD Buildbot for the Tor project!

(Unofficial) Tor BSD buildbot

This buildbot is intended to spot problems of Tor on the BSDs early. It is hosted by volunteers not affiliated with the Tor project. No guarantees are made about the correctness of the information provided on this page.

Want to help?

You can run a so-called buildslave too!



Here some commands to help you setting up the buildbot.

# On FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD
pkg install buildbot-slave or cd /usr/ports/devel/buildbot-slave && make install clean

# On NetBSD
pkg_add py-buildbot-slave

# On OpenBSD
pkg_add py-buildslave or cd /usr/ports/devel/py-buildslave && make install clean

# The rest is the same for all the BSDs:

# Make sure you have git, libevent, autotools and OpenSSL installed.
# OpenSSL is most likely already provided by the base system

buildslave create-slave slave buildbot.pixelminers.net:9989 <buildername> <password>
# Where <buildername> and <password> are chosen by you

# Buildbot will tell you to setup contact and machine information which you should do
edit slave/info to describe the slave host
edit slave/admin to provide contact information

# After that you can start your buildslave instance with:
buildslave start <directory the previous command created>
# To watch the buildbot logs
tail -f slave/twistd.log

Send an an email with your desired buildername and password as well as the BSD and architcture you are using to reezer@reezer.org and wait for a build to happen. :)